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April 08, 2004

Black Road Planning

I have submitted my games for The Black Road.

I'll be running Tall Tales of Pattern and Shadow (which was actually thought up right at the end of last year's Black Road) for the third time. It's gone quite well at AmberCon North and AmberCon US, so why stop running it?

I will also be giving a first try to My Life With Corwin, an Amber/My Life With Master crossover. My blurb for MLWC follows...

Beyond the River of the Blessed
There we sat down,
Yea, we wept,
When we remembered Avalon.

Corwin, Sorcerer King of Avalon, has many minions. His demands are many, and his whims are law. Will you serve him best or fail him in his hour of need? Will you find love before your humanity fails?

Amber meets My Life With Master in this exploration of the price of service under a mad lord.

Rules will be taught. Familiarity with "My Life With Master" (www.halfmeme.com) a plus.

I'm always very happy with an AmberCon game allows me to directly quote from the original books. The above bit of poetry is something Corwin quotes in The Guns of Avalon. I've changed the context more than a little moving it to this rather dark game, but I think it fits very well.

Posted by ghoul at April 8, 2004 10:11 AM

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I'm very much looking forward to giving this one a shot, so thanks for deciding to run it. For my contribution to indie games meet Amber, I'm planning on running a Kill Puppies for Satan game with recast Amber Elders.

Posted by: Michael at April 12, 2004 10:49 PM

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