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July 08, 2007

The Black Road 2007

OK, The Black Road was last week, but better late than never!

I took a break from gathering papers and signatures (except for one phonecall and email exchange with the realtor) to spend the weekend with others interested in Amber and Indy RPGs.

Slot 1 was Michael Curry running Afraid, which proved quite interesting, if less than completely scary. It was a lot of fun, if not exactly what Vincent probably means the game to be like. If I had to guess, I'd say it needs to be GMed with the gloves way off, though I'm not sure how enjoyable that would be.

Next, I was the GM for a game of Agon. I miss-estimated the time a minion-heavy fight would take to run and how interesting it would be (overestimating the first and underestimating the second), which forced me to compact my story. The good thing was I'd designed Act 2 of the story to be unnecessary (though desirable). We reached a fairly solid ending, with Jenn coming out at the lead of the Legend total, quite possibly taking the lead right in the last contest, which only she succeeded at.

The next morning was Michael GMing again, this time Fortune's Fool, air pirate action using Spirt of the Century (which was the most used non-Amber system of the con with 3 games). Lots of fun and unlikely stunts, and a game that ended with my character caught up in the unraveling of his web of lies. Well, one lie, really, but since it was of the 'do what I want and there'll be lots of loot for us to share' when, in fact, there was no loot at all, I was certainly not Mr. Popular.

That evening was my second GMing, another chapter of Nine Princes in High School. It was, as expected, rather silly, but Amber was saved from accidental near destruction at the angry hands of the Gods of Metal. OK, you probably had to be there.

Sunday, it was back to Spirt of the Century, but this time with Carolyn Lachance in charge and the earnest but low-buget SciFi of Nine Princes in Spaaace! The crew of the SPSS Unicorn somehow overcame the constant sniping of Eric and Carl and the sneaky plotting of the Draconis lizard-men (well, stunt-men in lizard masks and gloves, really). Some nifty action and over the top characterization that made for lots of fun as the con came to a close.

Then, after the last slot, a half-dozen of us watched the last episode of the third season of the revived Doctor Who, which offered a nice punctuation mark before we all started on our many ways home.

Amber gaming wasn't plentiful in my schedule (two recasts, three non-Amber games), but it was all fun! And it's always great to see all the folk I only see at AmberCon or TBR each year. It's too long until the next one!

Posted by ghoul at July 8, 2007 09:59 AM


It was great to see you, too, Jack.

Thanks for letting me "sit in" and watch the last episode of Doctor Who season 3.

Posted by: Jvstin [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 8, 2007 10:01 AM

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