Where Am I?

You are at the web site for the AmberCon North, AmberCon, and Black Road events in the "Welcome to Hogwarts" series.

If you have found your way here and don't know what that first sentence means... Well, feel free to read through the site, but it is meant for that event, and not really for general consumption.


As was implied by the various game descriptions, "Welcome to Hogwarts" takes place prior to most of the events of the Harry Potter books. In fact, it is set 8 years prior to Harry's arrival at the school, which makes it roughly 3 years after the Fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But, aside from the faculty being a bit younger, this changes very little.

(Players who are not familiar with the books should, at the very least, pick up the first prior to the game. It's a quick and very enjoyable read!)

Player character have, in the past, been first year students, some of whom, in a very unusual move, are being allowed to transfer in to Hogwarts in mid-year. More precicely, in mid-October, just about 6 weeks into the school year, so they won't be too terribly far behind the rest.

Characters added after the initial session (at ACN 2000) will be existing first-year students, getting a chance to meet some of the new students.

All the familiar Hogwarts rules concerning first-years apply, naturally. First-years are not allowed their own broomsticks, nor are they permitted to leave school grounds (excepting Christmas and Easter holidays). No first-year has played for their house quidditch team in almost a century, and as this stays true until Harry Potter changes it several years later, no one should expect otherwise in this game.

Rules and Such

"Welcome to Hogwarts" uses an original system created by the GMs. It is intended to be simple and light, with as little math as possible and not even as much structure as the ADRPG. It is, of course, completely diceless.

In general, characters are described by "key words". When attempting an action covered by one of your character's key words, success is very likely. When attempting an action not associated with a key word or when opposing characters both have applicable key words, broad "category scores" will be used to determine success.

Character Creation Process

Prior Communication With the GMs

It never hurts to talk to the GM in advance.

If you have an idea you aren't sure how to make work or questions you need answered, just drop us a line.

Also, the more we know about the characters in advance, the more work we can focus on the things players show interest in. And that's good for everyone!