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November 23, 2006

TurkeyCon Day Four

And the rains continue. It's been pouring down here for long enough we're considering what we'd need for an ark.

But, instead, we mostly settled in and played some games. Well, that an grocery runs. I think Grant ended up making four, thanks to the inevitable "oh, one more thing" of Thanksgiving pre-prep.

Luc, Ryan, and I took a crack at Transamerica. Not as strong at 3 players as it is a 5 or 6, but still enjoyable. And, while I won the first round, the next three went solidly against me, one by a whopping 8 links, and solidly for Ryan, who won all three. So it ended up 10/3/-1 in his favor.

Luc headed off to the grocery for the main prep run, Lou joined us and we switched over to Easy Come, Easy Go for two rounds, which Ryan and I split. Then Lou decided it must've been bad luck the night before and settled in for a couple more rounds of Pickomino, doing much better but still losing to me 9/7/6 and to Ryan 10/8/6.

After dinner, we had considered playing the Order of the Stick Adventure Game, but it was late enough we knew that wouldn't end before midnight, so instead Lou, Grant, Ryan, and I gave a go at Mission:Red Planet. This is a newer game (in English, at least), pitting the players against one another as late-1800s Robber Barons trying to industrialize Mars. Players choose each turn from 9 roles, manipulating rockets to Mars in an effort to control majorities in each sector. In the end, a bit of luck for me (I had just exactly the rocket I needed) and especially poor timing for Lou (he held no regional majorities at game's end) won this one 56/35/35/15.

Luc took Ryan's place as we turned to a few rounds of No Thanks!, and after a win for me 29/36/45/51, she got the hang of it and played Lou to a very close 15/16/27/73 round, with me at the ultra-high-scoring tail. Grant came back with a vengeance for the next game, 12/30/41/42, but Luc won the last round of the evening in a 12/18/30/76 trouncing of... yeah, me again.

To end the evening, Lou and Grant joined me in another round of Pickomino, and this time I was on the bad end of the luck curve while Lou and Grant traded the lead right up to the last roll, ending the game at 11/10/2.

Tomorrow... way too much very good food and perhaps OOTS.

Posted by ghoul at November 23, 2006 08:06 AM

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had a dinner at a local place, Hyde Park's "Everready Diner." Always good to eat at a place named after a battery.

Tell everybody I said "Hi!" I'm living in Poughkeepsie / Hyde Park (mailing address is the first, voting registration is the second, tho it's the same place.) Phone: 845 486-4674

(Comcast doesn't seem to like my ip address, so I couldn't get email to you. Also, do you have an email address for Mata?)

-- jj (just-john@just-john.com)

Posted by: just john [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 23, 2006 05:43 PM

Hope your t'day was happy. Everyone says "hi"!

It seems Comcast is blocking the world now (or, at least, everyone with an open port 25, which means most SMTP servers I know of), and your comment here is the first evidence I have that it impacts me... I've sent them an initial comment, which will get pointed if there isn't quick action on the matter.

Posted by: The Ghoul [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 23, 2006 08:01 PM

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