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January 27, 2005


I have to admit that I really have no idea at all what this has to do with "Nine Lives in Amber", but I'm sure it's something.

Or with will be by 4/1.

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January 24, 2005

More AmberCon 2005 Details

Following up on yesterday's post, the specifics follow the cut.

And yes, I do plan to run Nine Lives in Amber again at The Black Road, in response to clear public demand based just on the idea. So I'll do my best to make it worth it!

Slot 2: Nine Lives in Amber (3-7 players)

With most everyone gone off to fight Patternfall against the armies of Chaos, Castle Amber is left in the care of a handful of guards and Prince Gerard. But when Chaos's counterattack is something they can't even see, it will take bold action by the feline population of Amber to save the One True City.

Amber crosses plots with John Wick's Cat (http://wicked-dead.com/cat/) in an exploration of an inexplicably overlooked portion of Corwin's saga.

Slot 3: Nine Princes in High School (4-12 Players)

While Principle Oberon is away, discipline at Amber High is starting to slip. The teachers are holing up in their lounge, avoiding anything but the minimum of classtime. The students are forming into factions over the race for Prom King and Queen. The janitor is muttering about something strange in the basement.

Join in the unpredictable goings-on as Amber meets Teenagers From Outer Space!

Return players from ACN2004 welcome!

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January 23, 2005

AmberCon 2005

I just realized that I didn't post this info here when I made the decisions... I'm going to be running to games at AC in Livonia on April 1. An appropriate day for both games, I suppose...

I'm going to be repeating my Teenagers from Outer Space/Amber cross-over "Nine Princes in High School" that I ran to good number of laughs at ACN last September. Yes, returning players are welcome.

In addition, I'm going to be trying a new cross-over, mixing John Wick's Cat with Amber in a game I'm calling "Nine Lives in Amber". Cats, be they pets, working animals, or pure strays, will be the sole line of home defense in an untold chapter of Patternfall. This game won't be nearly as silly as it sounds; certainly less-so than the TFOS game. Cat may have an odd focus with its feline PCs, but it's a reasonably serious game under all that.

I don't have my descriptions handy, nor am I sure which game will run Friday AM and which Friday Mid-Day (I left that decision to the organizers), but there's the news.

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So Stop Trying

This blog now protected by the Movable Type 'nofollow' plugin (in addition to MT-Blacklist, which has been in use for some time).

So you don't get anything by spamming my comments, nor will your noxious leavings stay around for long. Read the title. Take it to heart.

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January 17, 2005

Movie Break (and HeroScape)

This being NH (which didn't even get around to recognizing the day until after I'd moved here in 1999), there was no chance I had the holiday off, but I did call it a day slightly early in order to make it to an afternoon showing of The House of Flying Daggers. And that was worth it. Zhang Yimou has managed to move into the action film genre without losing any of the lush look and hyper-melodramatic romance of his earlier films (which I also love). This film, like Hero, takes a moment out of the rich history of China and fills in the blank spots with tragic characters caught up by events even their amazing skills cannot control. This is not a film to miss!

And, afterwards, I stopped by the local Toys R Us and found 2 of the 3 remaining HeroScape Expansion Sets (I'd found Snipers and Vipers on Saturday). Now I just need to locate the Grut Orcs and I'm caught up. I'm quite happy with the figures so far, both in appearance and in clever new additions to the game. And its just great that a set of Roman Legionnaires is now one of the larger unified-look groups in the game (only the Orcs have more).

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January 16, 2005

Mostly Quiet

Life mostly goes on in the normal, quiet New England wintery way. Okay, it's been a fairly mild winter, but I planned for winter none-the-less, so I'm not doing much that doesn't involve staying in my nice, warm house and catching up on books, new RPG releases, and DVDs.

Maybe I'll post a review or two as time allows, but I'd expect mostly nothing here on the staircase for a while.

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January 15, 2005

Winter Milage Update

After a 21 mile back-and-forth, my displayed milage dropped to 44.9 MPG on the north side of Boston last night. I'm going to call it as happening at 36,136, which means my milage from when I dropped to 45.0 to this drop (just less than a month later) was 38.75. No car likes winter, but the 2002 Prius really suffers, losing around 10 MPG... I've read that the newer model is significantly less sensitive, but I don't own one of those.

But February game cancellations look like they'll reduce my driving over the next 45 days by around a third, so it's possible I'll only slip as low as 44.7 before the (so far rather mild) winter ends. But there's a lot of uncertainty there.

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