Introductory Notes for "Preludes and Requiums"

During the long drive from Toronto (home of AmberCon North) to Cincinnati (at that time home of the GMs), while developing plans for the campaign's next session, we both agreed that we'd like to be able to do more with the setting and characters we've developed. From people's reaction, it seemed there was a lot of interest in what we were doing, but the most obvious response (enlarging the campagn or running a second one) were both beyond what we wanted to commit to. We'd almost given up when, quite by accident, our conversation turned to some events far in the past of the regular campaign and we quickly realized there was a very interesting story to be explored there.

And so, "Preludes and Requiems" was born.

P&R was run for the first time at AmberCon IX (1998) and will be kept for possible re-runs by the GMs, who are also working on a second prequel story.

The story of Preludes and Requiems starts more than a century before the events of "Nine Princes in Hong Kong", before Corwin vanished into the Palace of the Celestial Dragon, before Oberon and Dworkin left things to the care of others.

All of the Nine Princes in Hong Kong rules twists will be used. The characters will be pregenerated Elders from our alternate Amber. Note, though, that not all the Elders have yet walked the Pattern as of this point in time and others won't be available as player characters.

For those who want a little more information, here are a couple of pages from a popular Hong Kong newspaper (okay, tabloid) from the day P&R begins...

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The Hong Kong Exposé
Because the People have a Right to Know


Corwin's Secret Love Child Discovered!

Shocking Revelation!

Llewella Pregnant… With Demon Baby!

Exclusive Excerpts

Raising Caine: The Unauthorized Biography of a Mad Dog


Last known photo of Finndo, taken at Osric's Tomb by HKE staff photographers

Conspiracy or Curse?

Finndo Xiu is dead and both Hong Kong's rubber-stamp "government" and the City Elders are lying to us about it.

Official reports tell us Finndo died from injuries sustained in defense of the city, yet HKE sources reveal that no autopsy was ever performed. These same closely-placed sources tell us that several questions remain unasked, let alone unanswered.

For example, while Finndo is to be buried after a very exclusive, closed casket ceremony, reports from witnesses say his injuries, while severe, were not nearly so extensive as to warrant this.

The official version of events tells us that Finndo Xiu, the finest martial artist in Hong Kong's history (the sole possible exception being his late brother, Osric) was killed by "a small group of peasant rebels." And yet we know it to be simple historic fact that he, on more than one occasion, overcame entire armies of "peasants rebels" and other shadow-dwellers.
(see CONSPIRACY! page 2)


The ONLY Way To Know What's Up With The Chosen Of The Amber Dragon

continued from page 1

Official reports say that every one of the City Elders was seen within Hong Kong or the Territories at the time of this inexplicable murder. And yet, could not any one of them, utilizing their mysterious powers over shadow, have arranged so simple a deception? And what of the widely rumored (and frequently reported in these pages) Trumps? Numerous experts agree that this top secret technology could provide almost instantaneous travel between Hong Kong and the distant shadow Maya.

Clearly many people and certainly one or more of the Elders know more than they are saying.

Of course, the smart money says the entire matter will be quickly and efficiently closed without even one of the important questions being adequately addressed. HKE sources tell us Oberon King will almost certainly assign his son, Senior Police Detective Eric King, to investigate, a move the official government will surely second. And we all know Eric does whatever Daddy tells him to.

Yet again, the disgrace that is our puppet government and self-absorbed City Elders will leave the people of Hong Kong without the answers we demand.


Eerie parallels between the deaths of brothers Osric and Finndo Xiu show us beyond question that a Death Curse is affecting the City Elders.

One simply needs to look at the evidence.

  • Both brothers were killed far off in Shadow, then buried after a quick, very private, closed casket service.

  • Osric Xiu's body was found surrounded by those of a dozen soldiers under his command. Finndo Xiu's body was found surrounded by exactly a dozen alleged rebels.

  • Osric's remains were found at 3 AM. Finndo was last seen in Hong Kong visiting his brother's grave… at 3 AM.

  • Osric was discovered by his brother, Finndo. Finndo was discovered by a local farmer named, believe it or not, Asric.

  • Both Xiu brothers died in the Year of the Dragon.

  • Most importantly, Finndo's death occurred on an exact anniversary of Osric's.

The Death Curse has now claimed its second victim. Only time will tell if… or when… it will claim a third.

Corwin and Deirdre spotted recently by HKE staff photographers


Elder-watchers have been buzzing for years about why Deirdre left Eric King at the alter for his younger brother, Corwin. Startling new evidence suggests a more explicit reason that any theory has proposed.

In recent weeks, Eye on the Elders has told you about Corwin's unusual relationship with a young orphan boy, Random Huang Fu. Now, orphanage records, obtained exclusively by HKE investigators, may hint at the truth.

Random came to the orphanage under unusual circumstances. He was found on the doorstep, without any note or identification. This is, unfortunately, hardly unique. However, what is considerably more interesting is the date on which he was found.

That date is exactly eight and a half months after the wedding of Eric and Deirdre Lixue was scheduled to take place.

While Corwin has often been seen with the young orphan, Exposé has received no reports sighting Deirdre with him. Might this not be guilt? Is she ashamed for having abandoned him as an infant?

Or is she even the mother?

As always, the City Elders leave us with more questions than answers.


Inside sources at Oberon King's private mansion inform us that the normally placid Llewella King (née Lan Lihwa) has recently been seen acting in uncharacteristic ways. Oberon's wife, in her own right the power behind the rise of Fragrant Harbor, has been experiencing mood swings, violent temper tantrums and strange dietary urges. One long-time household staffer told HKE "She's obviously pregnant, and if her mood is anything to judge by, the kid will be a real demon."

The Hong Kong Exposé offers our congratulations to the "royal" couple on their upcoming blessed event!


Don't forget to look at pages 33 and 34 for the newest excerpt from former HKE senior editor Roger Z.'s daring and entirely unauthorized biography of Caine. This installment, we learn how Ng Kein gained the attention of the City Elders.


Bleys Sik has recently been seen recently in the company of up-and-coming club singer and former Expose-ee Girl Fang Ming-hua. For the benefit of readers not fortunate enough to have seen her before, we've brought her back for another look. Check out the next page!

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