Nine Princes in Hong Kong

It is Amber, but it is not the Amber you know. It is Amber as it might have been if Roger Zelazny had merged his ideas with those found in the films of Tsui Hark, John Woo and Ringo Lam.

Here, now, the Eternal City sits at the mouth of the Pearl River, on Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon peninsula. It is the one city, the true city all others are just shadows of. And it is here that those whose strength of will allows them to master the power of the Pattern play their deadly serious game of power and control.

And now, the game is in turmoil. Oberon, the long-time master, has vanished without a trace. The players reform their factions and scramble to expand their control. They call on their allies and move their forces just on the edges of open warfare. Meanwhile, Chaos looks on, distant and mysterious.

These are destined to be what the ancient curse would call 'interesting times'.

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"Nine Princes in Hong Kong" was an Amber DRPG campaign which ran at AmberCon North from 1997-2001. The gamemasters were Jack Gulick and Rain Donaldson. These pages were put together to help fill players in on what they'll want to know for the game.

Because of the number of requests we've had to run "Nine Princes in Hong Kong" a second time, either at conventions or via e-mail (and because neither GM has the time to do that just now), we've decided not to provide too many plot spoilers on this site. You'll thank us later.

Also detailed is "Preludes and Requiems", a prequel episode which was run at AmberCon '98 and just may be run again, if people seem interested.

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