Welcome To Chaos

You came here because you have a dream. If you want magic, this is your magic kingdom. If you want money, no place has more and spends more than we do. If you want fame, that's our game. And, if you want power, this is the top of the heap. Chaos has everything you could possibly want and much, much more. This guide will tell you everything you need to get started off right and it's absolutely free. That's right, free! Consider it a "Welcome to Chaos" gift from the nice folks at Reynard Industries.

Finding Your Way Around Chaos

You're new in the largest and most confusing city in all reality, so you expect to get lost once or twice. But you'll soon figure things out, right?


It's called Chaos for a reason, my friend. Locations shift with the local weather and the whim and ability of their owners. The only permanent landmark is Abyss Valley and you don't want to go there without a good reason. Consequently, maps are for suckers and history buffs. A guide can be an excellent investment, but look out! Most street guides will lead you just far enough for a few of their buddies to jump you and confiscate your valuables.

Save yourself the bruises and hire a professional guide from a respectable agency, such as Rinaldo's Guides. Any halfway skilled guide can get you where you want to be, but Rinaldo's Guides are notified of major weather and traffic changes by Trump. None of Rinaldo's Guides or customers were eaten when the Tyrannosaurus herd broke loose from Helgram Studio after the big Chaosquake last year. Can any other agency make that claim? Also Rinaldo's Guides are informed of changes in Studio policy as soon as possible. Since the Studio Heads can execute you without a trial, you want a guide who knows how to keep them happy. Rinaldo's Guides are the best thing to happen to Chaos travel since the Logrus™.

This introduction prepared for the use of new arrivals by Reynard Industries

People You Want To Know

A Quick Guide to the Ten Most Important Beings in Chaos

King Sawall -- Absolute ruler, head of Sawall Studios, and one very tough guy. He's been King longer than most other studio heads have been alive. How does he do it? Information. House Sawall has the best information gathering network in all reality. Our King knows where all the bodies are buried including a few that aren't dead yet. KIng Sawall has everything except an heir. His only surviving recognized child, Mandor, has declared himself unfit for the throne.

The Lord With No Name -- Cousin of King Sawall, head of Leone Studios and possibly the fastest gun in Chaos. Currently next in line for the crown. If he cares, he's keeping it very quiet. That's typical. Rumor is he hasn't said fifty words since he took over House Leone -- over twenty years ago.

Lord Tubble -- Head of Channicut Studios and a rising star. Eight years ago, Tubble was head of a minor studio and seemed doomed to stay there. He somehow organized a coup that still has everyone in Chaos talking. He overthrew Lord Sirron and merged Channicut with several lesser studios. Despite multiple assassination attempts, Tubble remains in charge of the Channicut alliance. The question on everyone's mind is "what will he do for an encore?"

Lord Borel -- King Sawall's chief enforcer and a brutally effective warrior. His Lieutenants, the Judge and Rico, are enough to give any sane man nightmares. Borel is much worse.

Duchess Belissa Minobee -- Head of Hendrake Studios, warrior and extremely dangerous woman. We have nothing but respect for Lady Minobee. We heard what happened to the last man who offended her. Ouch!

Rinaldo -- Agent at large, businessman, and nice guy. He represents the interests of many powerful people in all walks of Chaos life. If you need representation, better employees or just a better position, then you need to talk to the man who knows everybody. His agency can find the situation that is right for you.

Lord Oloss -- Acting head of Saccul Studios. He claims that Lord Larchton is still in charge despite the fact no one has seen him in decades. Saccul studios is not a place for the casual tourist. A lot of weird shadow tech works there. Enter at your own risk.

Lord Tmer -- Head of Jesby Studios, fiercely independant and a force to be reckoned with. Tmer is one of the few men known to have argued with King Sawall and lived. That was when he refused to cancel the vendetta between Jesby and Leone. We don't know what started the feud, but rumor is it was over a woman.

Lord Bances -- High Priest of the Lion, and keeper of the sacred Logrus™. Serving the most powerful artifact in the universe isn't easy. It drove Suhuy mad. Fortunately, Bances seems stable... for now.

Lord Chinaway -- Head of Helgam Studios, and scary man. If Saccul studios is 'enter at your own risk,' then Helgram is 'all hope abandon, ye who enter here.' While few humanoids choose to call Helgram home it has more and more bizarre demons than any other Chaos Studio. Tourist tip for the caution impaired: why not ask Lord Chinaway to show you his collection of skulls? It's said to be very impressive. If you're very lucky, your skull may join the collection.

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