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September 29, 2003

Does This Mean Bond Will Only Drive BMWs?

Excepting the above issue, I have to thing this qualifies as great news.

Since first downloading and watching endlessly the wonderful short films he made at BMW Films, I've been thinking (and have said several times to friends) that Clive Owen had everything I, as a long-time Bond hand, wanted in my 007. And it seems he'll be given a chance to prove it!

Of course, he really shouldn't take the BMWs with him. I really don't care if they're a great car or not... They're simply not James Bond's car!

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No, Not Dead

No, to those who have asked, I'm not dead, nor even seriously overloaded (though I was busy with AmberCon North for a bit there)...

Instead, I was just trapped with MT not wanting to let me log in until we fixed its links to sendmail, which it had somehow lost track of.

It needed sendmail because I'd forgotten my password and tried to reset it (rather than just waiting until I got home to use Kung-Log, which knows my password). The reset function set my password to a random string of letters, then tried to mail them to me... which failed because it could not find sendmail where it was looking.

Which meant my password was changed and I had no way to find out what it was changed to, at least not until Jeanne had enough time to direct the system to where its copy of sendmail resided, which she did tonight.

Which is all rather convoluted and nothing you really needed to know... Here's what's important.

All is well now and I should be back to regular posting soon.

The irony of all this happening just after I added a silly cartoon icon and the slogan "THE DEAD BLOG!" to the lower corner of the page does not escape me... It was supposed to be a mock cry of alarm, not an assessment of the state of my blog.

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