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October 22, 2004

Cold Weather Milage Already

That didn't take long.

Around 34025, I noticed I'd slipped back to 45.0 MPG. Since then (13 miles ago), I've bounced back up and down between the two. The main cause is the lower milage of the cold morning drive, I'm betting... There's been frost on the car 3 mornings in the last two weeks. Not that this is bad news... It means I'm only averaging 45 MPG over the last 2 week's driving, which is still not so bad.

I'm expecting to get some good milage on my drive to this weekend's games and SF book club meeting, so 45.1 should be restored and shorn-up for a little longer, but now I don't think I'll make it out of 2004 with that 45.1 still intact. (Earlier dreams of making 45.2 this are, of course, now proven to be just that.)

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October 17, 2004

December 14th???

Making us wait nearly a whole month more than the last two years for our Extended Edition fix... it's really not fair at all!

Particularly not when it looks this good!

(Link from Slashdot)

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October 15, 2004

ACN Follow-Up

Well, as mentioned in several earlier entries, we had some significant hotel issues with AmberCon North this last year.

And so, we've developed this survey to allow interested parties to share their opinions and ideas on how to make things better with us.

So if you're interested, please take a moment and give us your advice!

Update: The survey has only been public since last night (it was announced by email to ACN attendees, the Amber Mailing List, and some other channels), and we've already had 11 (no... 16!) responses. You people are great! It's a little early, but I'm already starting to see basic trends (mostly where I would've expected them, but at least one semi-surprise). I'm sure this is going to help us a lot!

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October 11, 2004

New Games Starting

I'm playing in these, not GMing (I've determined I won't have time to GM until I get into better time habits, which I hope playing will encourage)...

Monrroyo is an Ars Magica campaign set in the early 13th century in the Navarre region of Spain. No, I really don't know much about that era and location, but I'm a big Ars Magica fan and I'm hoping I can make up for my own gaps with a character who has little concern for the non-mystical parts of life. I'm not quite done designing Ximun mechanically yet, but I'm starting to look forward to playing this rather troubled magus. (Ars Magica tends to encourage rather troubled magi, since you need big Flaws to match your nifty Virtues. Right now, Ximun is taking both to the maximum 10 points.)

Meanwhile, I'm also returning to Vampires in the Queen City (VQC) on Dreamlyrics (yes, it's a pay site... it helps keep the participants "serious" and cut down on invasions by trolls and other such web monsters). I played in the game back on CompuServe, and the GM is letting me bring my two characters back despite their rather sudden departure 5 years ago. I don't live in Cincinnati anymore, but I think I can manage to fake it as well or better than most of the players (who've never even been there). Thorn is already back, and Rosemarie will show up once the GM and I find a comfortable spot to re-enter the story.

There will likely be updates when interesting things happen.

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October 10, 2004

Milage Footnote

A bit of bouncing around Fall River environs (including getting stuck at a drawbridge) resulted in the 45.1 MPG result slipping away around 33,840 miles, but it was regained at just about 33,860. Then, for the next 10 miles of driving, I would fall back to 45.0 on every upslope and regain 45.1 on every down. By 33,870, I had a constant 45.1 which I maintained the rest of the way home.

Unfortunately, cold weather and resulting long ~40 MPG drives are just around the horizon, so I'm sure I'll not make 45.2 this year.

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October 08, 2004


Well, now, isn't this interesting?

(Can't recall just where I first saw this earlier this week, but Julia asked me to be sure to blog it so she could look it over.)

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Milage Update

Well, I hit 45.1 MPG on the drive down to Fall River today, at around 33,810 miles.

For the mathematically inclined (and you know who you are), that means I've managed 48.35 MPG for my 1,010 miles of driving in the interim.

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October 06, 2004


Remember this?

Well, just for fun, even without the pipe in my drive, I lost another tire today. Driver-side rear this time, again noticed as I drove toward work. This time, I did call the road hazard line up front, so I expect few problems getting reimbursed for my costs.

Of course, I only have 2300 miles left on that free tire coverage...

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October 01, 2004

Weekend Plans

What was going to be a free Saturday to recover from ACN, relax a bit, and perhaps get moving on some PBEM gaming I've agreed to participate in but haven't started moving on yet has been replaced with joining Julia and Lou at this.

I wasn't all that hard to convince. Of course, Lou is one of the GMs I own a PBEM gaming post to, but also the one I'm least behind with.

Sunday still may be given to recovering, relaxing, and PBEM gaming.

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